Products of all LAF practices  should be in one central architecture repository. This database should contain information about the Application in the context of:

  • the future – a place in Reference Architecture along with the expected Capabilities
  • capabilities it provides – a set of requirements and develop Solution Visions related to this Application
  • its current status – Application properties  collected in the form of a passport

Ref. Graphic abstraction REPOSITORY

The shape of the repository, including the list of Application properties, presentation of capabilities and Solution Vision depends on the organization and should be optimized  by the continuous improvement process. The repository should be built in a way that allows flexible changes in it. The content of the repository should contain a minimum set of data needed to classify the components or re-design the reference architecture. This is necessary due to the need to have current data in REP and the too expensive cost of obtaining them will have a huge impact on their quality.