One of the first questions about LAF is a question about Repository. What kind of information should be in?

Repository is a knowledge database with information about the application environment. In this repository we should find 

  • State as is – The actual state of all applications in the company (Component Passports). 
  • Future – The Reference Architecture as a set of Capabilities which are to be implemented or are implemented usually with diagrams.
  • Implementations – Description of Solution Vision as a list of Components fill requirements 

Repository example

Each organization creates its own version of the repo depending on the size of the organization, the SDLC process and the tools.

On the diagram below there is a Repository meta model which was recommended to one company. In this organization SDLC was based on SAFE.  

In this repository are two parts: application view and project view.

First part is implemented in Sparx Enterprise Architect with  publishing diagrams to Confluence. Project view is implemented as a task in Jira with links to diagrams

In this environment we have:

  • Reference Architecture as a set of diagrams in Sparx EA. On these diagrams we have applications linked with capabilities,
  • Solution Vision as a diagrams containing information which requirements are realized by which capabilities and application
  • set of Applications with:
    • technical and financial properties
    • list of capabilities which are implemented by this app
  • set of requirements: Epic,Features, User Stories. These Jira tasks include a link to Solution Vision published from EA.