What you mustn’t do as IT manager 

“I would like to point out two important things that the Head of IT should avoid doing. Firstly, they should not undermine architectural decisions. I have witnessed such situations in the past, where the Head of IT took over all the decision-making, resulting in poor choices. One cannot make good decisions when trying to rush through multiple projects within a short time frame.

Secondly, creating organizational structures within the Architects team should be avoided. A strong Architectural Team functions best when there is a free flow of knowledge, with no restrictions, and most importantly, when Architects are members of design teams. All focus should be on the projects and initiatives that are being undertaken.

As a Head of IT, it is essential to:

  • Prioritize business goals over IT goals
  • Respect the decisions made by Architects and avoid introducing chaos by negating them
  • Avoid introducing organizational layers within the Architecture team
  • Not shift accountability for the design and technical quality of the application to Architects, as it is the development team that is responsible for the application’s quality.”

I hope this helps!