Architectural Forum

For effective architecture LAF requires great communication between all the architects. To stay independent they need to know the influence of their job on other architects and their areas as well as understand the holistic picture of the whole enterprise. That is why LAF introduced the Architectural Forum as a major communication platform. This  meeting should be held at least once per week and take from 2 to 4 hours. The meeting is for architects to present major discoveries made by them, to agree on used language and shape of Architecture Repository, discuss the output of Reference Architecture, agree on a new Components and new capabilities introduced into organization, bring and discuss their doubts regarding Solution Vision, introduce and modify used standards within an organization and any other major issues which will appear on development phase.

The meeting is also used as a planning session for an architectural task like: maintaining the Repository, conducting APM, managing areas to be covered with Reference Architecture, refreshing an enterprise Standards or introducing new. Architectural Forum is not designed to schedule any work regarding Solution Vision as it is triggered by Enterprise SDLC. The meeting leads to  a better understanding of the whole organization by particular architects and leads to the re-use of Components, capabilities, services, technologies.


The Architects team has a flat structure, consisting of people with a deep knowledge of technology as well as a deep understanding of the business context, architects should and may have different roles related to the technological and business division. It’s a self-organized team which optimizes its efficiency and ensures a high level of communication as it is a key success factor. The team members have high autonomy with full accountability for delivering LAF artifacts. They share the same norms, rules and standards. 

They are supported by a Master Architect responsible for ensuring that the architectural team follows LAF practices and rules. Facilitates a collaboration between team members, provides an open environment for an open discussion,  leading to exchange of knowledge and  concerns,  helps to remove impediments and provide a proper quality of architectural practices, rules  and repository.  Playing a special role in difficult moments such as lack of communication in the team or the impossibility of finding quick compromise as often needed.The Master Architect role is analogous to the Scrum Master role.

Master architect ensures that organization adheres to the LAF principles through coaching and teaching about the framework. 

It helps the organization in the appropriate location of the team of architects so all artifacts and standards are respected.